Liquidation Sale

Liquidation Items

Used Inventory Priced for Immediate Sale

Rectangular No Frame Mirrors

Quantity (5) – Industrial mirrors priced to move at just $43/each – GREAT FOR SALONS !!
These are BIG mirrors!
The mirrors listed below are Priced to Sell – TODAY. There are only five of these mirrors left, so when they’re gone, they’re gone.

48 inches in height, 40 inches across, 1/4 inches thick and weighs 44 pounds
This mirror is featured resting against the back of a house reflecting the backyard.

First $250 takes all five mirrors !!

Track Lighting – complete set (a steal at just $265.00!)

Quantity 8 – light modules retail at $37/each, with 3 modules per track (24 light modules total). Includes lights and glass covers (22 blue & 23 white). Light modules (total) are valued at $888/retail. Each 4 foot track is valued at approx $10/each (total $80). Retail value of entire set is over $950 !!
Buy single (complete) tracks with 3 light modules each for just $65/track.
Quantity 2 to 4 priced at $60/track
Quantity 5 to 7 priced at $55/track
Buy all 8 complete sets of track lighting for just $265!! 
Enables your stylists & clients to see real color at their chairs …
That’s a $650 savings over retail!

Shampoo Chair (not the bowl)

Quantity (1) priced at $45